Welcome to the WellVolution

Our mission is to address Racial/Ethnic Healthcare Disparities using Research & Education. We are currently doing case studies in all areas of health using non drug alternatives.

Researching Ancient & Emerging Wellness Technologies

Essential oils, made from Ancient organic plants, have been used for wellness since the existence of humans.  Frankincense and Myrrh (essential oils) were gifts good enough for a King.  Essential oils are still a great resource for your everyday wellness routine.  Many Emerging wellness technologies existed decades, centuries, millenniums ago but are just being exposed to the masses.  Our research is in the areas of DNA, STEM Cells, Light Therapy, Energy, Frequencies and Precision Medicine.  These are exciting times to do case studies, and document real, clear results.

5 Minute Challenges

An educational campaign to combat the Opioid Crisis in the African American community. Sponsored by No More Pain Herbal Blends, Inc. We Care Worldwide is creating an army of Pain Busters to do 5 Minute Pain Free Challenges using NMPHB’s Original Topical Blend that does an excellent job rapidly reducing inflammation in soft tissue injuries.  We are also doing case studies specifically on Knee Pain.  Get Details on Knee Case Study Here!!! 


There are known social differences that negatively effect the health of the African American community.  The job ahead of us is VAST.

passing On The Family Recipe Book

If you know the history of African Americans, you probably know that what we call “Soul Food” originated from scraps and leftovers discarded by slave owners. Slave owners kept the most nutritional foods for themselves. 

Slaves took what was given to them and like the geniuses that they were, made meals for their families. But, this was done to survive in the most harsh of situations.  Traditional meals that we have passed on from one generation to the next is KILLER FOOD.  We have to change the ingredients in what we call SOUL FOOD.  

We Care Worldwide Mentoring Youth in S.T.E.M since 2007

The concept of the STEM Digital Village was conceived as a way to provide easy access to information in a way that complemented faculty’s personal efforts, provide a range of experiences and opportunities not otherwise readily available to large numbers of students, enable broad networking experiences between current scholars and graduates pursuing advanced STEM degrees or careers and more effectively advertise Langston’s Integrated Network College (LINC) to potential scholars.

No Insurance?
No Cash?

All Pain Busters commit to one day each month of volunteering their knowledge and skills to helping those in the community who are less fortunate.  The more Pain Busters that we get on board and trained the more we can get out and help the community.